How to search for public tenders

Government, municipal and other public bodies make up a substantial part of aggregate demand for products and services in a number of sectors. Energy, construction, green solutions, security and waste are just a few. Businesses are more or less familiar with local (national) ways of tendering. Nowadays, it is rare […]

Tendering abroad? Why not!

Doing business with government is always a very delicate matter. There are usually two scenarios. Either you try it in a country with – let’s put it mildly – less developed institutions. Then, the stink of corruption always sticks to your business, no matter how clean you try to be. […]

PEDAL CEO Robert Miskuf interviewed by TouchIT

Slovak online magazine focusing on IT world and startups published an interview with PEDAL Consulting CEO Robert Miskuf. The interview was focusing on Tenderio, the flagship product of PEDAL and the world of public tenders. The interview can be accessed here (in Slovak).