PEDAL to boost the marketability of bio-based products with two newly funded H2020 projects

H2020 project BIOBRIDGES coordinated by LOBA (Portugal) received excellent results in evaluation (15 points out of 15) and was selected for funding with 1 mln EUR by the European Commission. PEDAL Consulting is one of the consortium partners.

BIOBRIDGES is a 24 months action aiming at boosting the marketability of bio-based products by establishing close cooperation and partnership between bio-based industries, brand owners and consumers’ representatives. The ultimate goal is to stimulate and support the active engagement of and interaction among all stakeholders (including local communities and local authorities) and improve market acceptance of bio-based products.

In parallel, PEDAL Consulting is partnering in the winning consortium of the 3 mln EUR worth BIOVoices project which will be coordinated by APRE (Italy).

Ensuring that research and innovation in bio-based products and processes is not only excellent, but also relevant and responsive to the needs of all actors is important, not least in ensuring the uptake of results. Surveys show that consumers and citizens in general have little awareness and knowledge of bio-based products (BBP). To improve market uptake of bio-based products, shape future research in BBP science, technology and innovation and meet the views and expectations of society, there is a need for a broad, inclusive assessment of the challenges and opportunities at hand.

BIOVoices builds on the concept of Mobilisation & Mutual Learning Platforms (MML) with the ultimate objective of delivering an Action Plan addressing the challenges of raising awareness of and engaging with the citizens on the bio-based products. It is expected to kick-off in January 2018.

BIOBRIDGES project will be funded through Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union (Grant Agreement nr. 792236).

BIOVoices project will be funded thorugh Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union (Grant Agreement nr. 774331).