Tenderio proudly announces partnership with Finstat


A new product appeared on the portal FinStat.sk. Besides the services of FinStat, the clients will get access to the services of Tenderio, a portal from the product portfolio of PEDAL Consulting, which open the world of international public procurement to entrepreneurs.

Since 2013, web portal FinStat.sk offers on one place financial and legal data about Slovak companies, processed from several sources. FinStat services enable entrepreneurs and companies to conduct deep analysis of their business partners, competitors, or of the whole market. It helps them to discover new business opportunities and develop their business.

Portal tenderio.com is a unique start-up project by Slovak consultancy PEDAL Consulting. The portal combines global public procurement search engine and services of more than 40 consultancies from Europe. Thanks to these tools, entrepreneurs can identify relevant calls and get help to prepare bids for them.

A new product emerged from the cooperation of FinStat and Tenderio, which helps businesses to grow internationally. Moreover, you get also the FinStat Monitoring – automatic notification about changes in companies free for one year.

Earlier this year, Tenderio received an 18-month funding from the EU Programme for Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (COSME) (GA No 739966), in order to further expand its services and increase SMEs’ participation in public procurement in EU. This new development phase of Tenderio is coordinated by PEDAL Consulting (Slovakia) and involves partners from Estonia (CIVITTA), Greece (Q-PLAN International Advisory), Portugal (GLOBAZ), and UK (Insight Publishers).

Robert MISKUF, the founder and CEO of sees substantial benefits especially for small and medium entrepreneurs: “I am professionally involved with international public tenders since 2009. I have noticed only a minimum of Slovak SMEs bidding in international tenders. I have also seen number of tenders cancelled due to no interest of potential bidders. Business opportunities remain often unnoticed or detected too late. Often, the only reason is the missing know-how, administrative capacities and lack of courage of small entrepreneurs to bid. That’s why we founded Tenderio in 2016.

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